Dr. Toni Richter habilitated


Dr. Richter was dressed appropriately for the faculty’s annual courtyard barbeque on June 15; he put his BBQ apron on swiftly, and the time had come for him to enjoy the grill-fest of the faculty in a very pleasant, casual manner and receive his habilitation certificate from the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Prof. Sadrieh. The efforts have been worth it, at last it has been accomplished! After writing, submitting, reviewing, and successfully defending his habilitation thesis, as well as receiving a positively evaluated outcome of a public lecture, he has been awarded the teaching qualification and authorization in the field of economics by a resolution of the Faculty Council at the beginning of June. "The habilitation" as the state university law puts it, "is proof of being able to represent a field of science [...] independently." The corresponding attainment of the degree "doctor habilitatus" also entitles the holder to use the title "Privatdozent". Congratulations to PD Dr. Richter!

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