PD Dr. Rainer Kleber appointed as Associate Professor


An appointment with the President of Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg on May 17 - not an everyday occurrence for apl. Prof. Dr. Rainer Kleber, and this particular time for a special honor: his appointment as "Associate Professor" of the Faculty of Economics, or more precisely: the granting of the right to use the same title ("apl. Prof.", or alternatively simply "Prof.") from now on. He has been a private lecturer at FEM for many years, has been active with great success and commitment in research and teaching, has been present at meetings, conferences, in numerous publications, etc. Hence, this honor bestowed upon him is a well-deserved acknowledgement and confirmation of his outstanding academic work over the past years. After being evaluated by an APL commission and two external reviewers, and following resolutions by the Faculty Council and in the Senate, apl. Prof. Rainer Kleber is today only the second faculty member ever to be awarded the title. Congratulations!

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