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Wednesday Faculty Research Seminar

Kathleen Kürschner

Time and Room
Time: Wednesdays, 1 pm s.t. - 2 pm
(exceptions will be noted below)
Location: Campus, building 22, room A-225 (Fakultätszentrum)

Further information
Kathleen Kürschner (
Tel.: +49 (0)391 / 67-51471

Date Speaker/Author Title
Tu. 10/04/18!
1:00 pm
Gordon Schulze (FWW - Finanzierung und Banken) Regional differences in the efficiency of German savings banks
German savings banks play a key role in financing German SMEs. Accordingly, the analysis of their efficiency is of economic importance. We apply data envelopment analysis to explore the influence of the financial crisis (2007 to 2008) as well as the Eurozone crisis (since the end of 2009) on the efficiency of German savings banks. Although the Malmquist index is on average below one in our sample from 2003 to 2014, we conclude from our efficiency results that German savings banks recovered quickly after the financial crisis as well as the Eurozone crisis. We test for and explain regional efficiency differences between Eastern and Western German savings banks. Since Eastern and Western Germany represent two socio-economically different environments, we control for environmental variables. Our results show that Eastern German savings banks are less inefficient than Western German savings banks since other earning assets, i.e., securities and advances to banks, and refinancing costs are advantageous for their efficiency.
We. 09/05/18
1:00 pm
Felix Bransch (FWW - E-Business) Financial Literacy and Home Bias in Household Investments
Using data from the 2014 Deutsche Bundesbank survey on Household Finances, I investigate differences in German households’ direct investment in foreign stocks with special emphasis on basic financial knowledge. I estimate a two-step probit model with selection to account for the censoring in the data. The results indicate that financially literate individuals, perceiving the benefits of diversification, are more likely to invest in foreign stocks. Improving financial knowledge can, beyond increasing stock market participation, improve portfolio performance by reducing home bias.
We. 16/05/18
1:00 pm
Yue Huang (FWW - Angewandte Wirtschaftsforschung) The impact of Chinese learning opportunity abroad on overseas students in China
Overseas students in China have increased substantially over the last two decades, as has the number of Confucius Institutes abroad. Using self-compiled data by country of origin on Confucius Institutes and overseas students in China, we investigate whether increasing Chinese language learning opportunities abroad have exerted a positive effect on the number of students who migrate to China for study. Using a panel data of 182 countries from 2003 to 2014 and exploiting a fixed-effects model, we find evidence for a sizeable positive effect of Confucius Institutes in a country on the number of overseas students it has in China. We also find evidence for effect heterogeneity by geographic distance to China, countries’ income level and the linguistic distance to Chinese.
We. 13/06/18!
3:00 pm
Thi Truong An Hoang (FWW - Finanzwissenschaft) tba
We. 20/06/18
1:00 pm
Olga Metzger (FWW - Unternehmensführung und Organisation) tba
We. 04/07/18
1:00 pm
Sebastian Oelrich (FWW - Unternehmensrechnung/Accounting) tba

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