Research Focus "Decision Design"

Decision Design - Quantitative and Experimental Economic Science

FEM's research focus "Decision Design Quantitative and Experimental Economic Science" specializes into four clusters of research projects:   

The Center of Operations Research and Business Analytics (CORBA) focuses on application-oriented research. In collaboration with researchers in the fields of mathematics and computer science, CORBA members successfully conduct research in corporate finance, management science, and operations management.

The Consumer Research Cluster (CoRe) focuses on generating marketing-oriented insights about different consumer groups, their preferences, and the mechanisms that trigger certain behaviors. In collaboration with professionals in statistics and market research as well as with researchers in cognitive, social- and neuro-psychology, CoRe members successfully conduct research in fields of consumer insights, market research methodology, and data quality.

The Center of Entrepreneurship and Business Advice (CEBA) focuses on research in strategic and administrative management issues. In collaboration with other academics and professionals in accounting and auditing research, CEBA members successfully conduct research in managerial and financial accounting, governance and agency models, social and sustainable entrepreneurship.

The Center of Evidence-based Policy Analysis (CEPA) focuses on policy-oriented research in economics. In collaboration with the Halle Institute for Economic Research (IWH), CEPA members successfully conduct research on financial institutions and markets, labor and welfare economics, productivity and innovation, as well as taxation and subsidization policy.

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