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Welcome to the Faculty of Economics and Management
at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg


“The Politics of the European Central Bank makes it more difficult for savers” Interview of Prof. H. Gischer with the MDR radio channel

On the occasion of World Savings Day on October 30, Prof Horst Gischer, incumbent of the chair Monetary Economics and Public Financial Economy at the Faculty of Management and Economics, gave an interview to the radio channel “MDR Kultur” concerning questions of capital accumulation, pension plans during timeframes of low interest and about the monetary policy of the European Central Bank etc. Here you can find the 7-minutes live interview....

The Klaus-Erich-Pollmann research award 2017 goes to Dr. Nicole Siebold

Ms.  Dr. Nicole Siebold, an academic associate at the chair for Entrepreneurship of Prof. Raith,  has been awarded the Klaus-Erich-Pollmann research-funding prize. This award is given to Ms Dr. Siebold for her excellent dissertation  

named after the previous, long-time president of the Otto-von-Guericke University.

“This 5000 Euro award focuses on young postdoctoral scientists of the OvGU, whose thesis was graded with summa cum laude. Scientists who received the award are expecting to cooperate with other scientists from various national and/or international universities. This is in order to strengthen the recognition of the Otto-von-Guericke University abroad and to support mutual research projects.

The official hand over of the award to Ms. Dr. Siebold will take place during the up-coming academic ceremony of the Otto-von-Guericke University on November 23rd in the Johanniskirche in Magdeburg.

The faculty welcomes 600 "Freshmen"

Welcome! For circa 600 first semester students,this is 20%  of the newly enrolled OVGU students, the full-time studies at the Faculty of Economics and Management did start on October 9th.  More than half of these students are enrolled in the Business Administration or International Management or International Business and Economics bachelor programs.  For the first time the study programs International Management and Business Economics refer to an equal number of students, 125 each. This fact is underlining once again the importance and interest of students in international topics and trends. About 1/3 of the faculty “Freshmen” is studying in the International Study Program (ISP), teaching language English.

The largest master’s program of OvGU, with approximately 90 newly enrolled students in the Business Administration/ Business Economics, additionally resides at FEM too.

When everything goes according plan, today’s Freshmen will celebrate their graduation in three (bachelor’s) and two (master’s) years respectively with us. An orientation week organized by the student representative council and many committed helpers from the student body and faculty administration is occurring this week. A warm thank you for the greatly appreciated participants, who are helping the new students begin their studies on the right foot!

The Examination Office announces:

Beginning immediately, bachelor’s degree certificates from the summer semester 2017 can be picked up during office hours with upon presentation of a valid student and/or photo ID.

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