Examination announcements

Registration for examinations in the case of ongoing recognition procedures


Registrations for examinations must be made in due time irrespective of any ongoing procedures for the recognition of study and examination achievements.

Registrations in this regard are subject to the legally binding conclusion of ongoing recognition procedures.

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Exam registration in case of technical problems

Beginning with the upcoming winter semester 2019/20, in case of technical problems on the last 3 days before the deadline, it is possible to register for the exams via e-mail to the examination office of the Faculty of Economics and Management (pruefungsamt-ww@ovgu.de). The e-mail must be sent from the student OvGU address (vorname.nachname@st.ovgu.de) and contain the following information: 

  • Matriculation number, first and last name
  • Exam(s) to be registered incl. exam number, examiner
  • Reason why a registration on your own via the LSF is not possible

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Information on additional modules


As "additional modules", you can only take courses outside the Faculty of Economics and Management, for example if you want to gain additional qualifications in rhetoric, pedagogy or other areas - but always outside the FEM. Students enrolled in Bachelor's programs cannot take Master's modules and vice versa. Only modules that are open for your course of study can be taken.

You can find the allocation list approved by the Faculty Council with all approved openings here:



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