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    Sebastian Plessner, Master's Student in EPA - The Founder of "Zimmerwald"

    Sebastian Plessner, studying Economic Policy Analysis, a master’s program at FEM, is turning rooms and offices into green spaces. His (non-profit) start-up "Zimmerwald", supported by the well-known student association Enactus, and other organizations, reminds us about the myth of “German Woodland”, which was already documented by Tacitus or in the Romantic period. The project is also enhancing the common botanical education of people, and their often just rudimentary knowledge of different tree species and care taking ideas. However, the most important matter of the project is to combine a mental health wellbeing with climate improvement.

    , it is quickly explained and is as simple as it is ingenious: "With Zimmerwald," so the recently published article in 'uni:magazin', "small trees will be supplied in complete packages, including an especially matched soil and plant pot. At the same time, they replace often-expensive houseplants, which must be imported. The “easy-care” trees can be kept within our offices and apartments for quite a few years, and afterwards will be planted into own gardens, or in a suitable partner forests."

    The ManagerMagazin and Prof. Eichfelder's articel "Rich people and real estate as a tax saving model"

    In an interview with Hannah Steinharter from ManagerMagazin, FWW professor Sebastian Eichfelder recently commented quite critically on various peculiarities of the German tax system that tend to fuel the current real estate crisis. Professor Eichfelder has now summarized the MM article, which was hidden behind a paywall, in a Linkedin post: here...
    The above-mentioned platform also reports on a practitioner's lecture to which he invited two employees from PwC Hamburg to his lecture on "Business Accounting" on January 22nd: here...

    Apply Now! Workshop, Case Study - M&A Transaction Services

    The auditing firm/corporate consultancy Deloitte invites students, bachelor’s and master’s, to the following workshop:

    What?  Workshop incl. Case Study - M&A Transaction Services

    When? May 15, 2024, 13:30 pm

    Where? Guarantee Bank of Saxony-Anhalt, Otto-von-Guericke-Straße 34a, 39104 Magdeburg

    The event is in cooperation with the FEM’s Chair of Corporate Accounting, Prof. Dr. Anne Chwolka. All OVGU’s bachelor and master students with an interest in auditing, M&A, due diligence and financial consulting are welcome to apply by 1 May. All information: here ...

    New: The "OVGU Awareness Portal" and The "FWW Forum for Equal Opportunities"

    Did you know? The Otto-von-Guericke University is online with a new "reporting platform for cases of discrimination, disadvantage, (sexual) harassment and violence as well as for a feedback on studying and teaching" - the awareness portal. "One of the main aims of the portal is to provide a supportive environment where you can feel free and safe to share experiences or concerns fast and and easy, and without having to worry about possible consequences. Everyone is aware of the need to maintain confidentiality and the sensitivity of the reported subject matter. Be encouraged to report cases of discrimination. Every single report helps to raise awareness, initiate change and create a more equal at OVGU Magdeburg."

    With a very similar intention and orientation, a monthly the jour fixe started at the faculty level at the beginning of January 2024. The Dean of the faculty, his advisor, a student and doctoral student representative and so the Equal Opportunities Officer of the FEM meet once a month to discuss current issues of equality, diversity, discrimination, etc. The New Forum for Equal Opportunities is now open to everyone. Do you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the new Equal Opportunities Forum? Contact the above-mentioned persons in confidence and with the assurance of the outmost confidentiality, the Dean's Office (Guido Henkel), the Student Representative Council (Sabrina Riechers), the Research Assistant Representatitive (Malte Bau) , or the FEM's Equal Opportunities Officer (Kathrin Meyer-Pinger).

    "Are we in need for a reform of the debt brake?"

    FWW Professor Sebastian Eichfelder , Head of the Business Taxation Department, in the MDR-Aktuell radio interview with Uta Georgi from December 9th, 9:36 a.m.: here


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