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Welcome to the Faculty of Economics and Management
at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg


Dr. Toni Richter habilitated

Dr. Richter was dressed appropriately for the faculty’s annual courtyard barbeque on June 15; he put his BBQ apron on swiftly, and the time had come for him to enjoy the grill-fest of the faculty in a very pleasant, casual manner and receive his habilitation certificate from the Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Prof. Sadrieh. The efforts have been worth it, at last it has been accomplished! After writing, submitting, reviewing, and successfully defending his habilitation thesis, as well as receiving a positively evaluated outcome of a public lecture, he has been awarded the teaching qualification and authorization in the field of economics by a resolution of the Faculty Council at the beginning of June. "The habilitation" as the state university law puts it, "is proof of being able to represent a field of science [...] independently." The corresponding attainment of the degree "doctor habilitatus" also entitles the holder to use the title "Privatdozent". Congratulations to PD Dr. Richter!

Information of the Dean's Office of Study Affairs: Registration is now possible!

From now on, registration for all Master Seminars, Scientific Projects, Wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen und Volkswirtschaftlichen Seminars as well as for the Bachelor Thesis Seminars in WS 2022/2023 is possible via the E-Learning Portal OVGU - course area "Studiendekanat". Registration is possible until Monday, June 27, 2022 at 23:55!

For further information on the allocation of places and scheduling in the Seminar of Wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen und Volkswirtschaftlichen as well as for the Bachelor Theses in WS 2022/2023, please visit the website of the Dean’s Office of Study Affairs under the section "Information on Bachelor programs".

Information on the allocation of places in the Master's Seminars and Scientific Projects in the winter semester 2022/2023 can be found on the following website [Section: Information on master programs].

JOTA Reviewer of the Year: Prof. Sebastian Eichfelder

You’ve got mail, from the editors of the renowned Journal of Tax Administration, dear Professor Eichfelder! “We are pleased to announce that you have been named the Journal of Tax Administration’s “Reviewer of the Year” for 2021/2022. This is our inaugural ‘Reviewer of the Year’ award and is being presented to you for your outstanding review of the paper “Tax Compliance Cost: A Review of Methodologies of Recent Studies”. We are extremely grateful for the time you took to prepare this review, and for your thoughtful and detailed comments, which helped us to arrive at our final decision. “ We sincerely congratulate you for this achievement!

PD Dr. Rainer Kleber appointed as Associate Professor

An appointment with the President of Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg on May 17 - not an everyday occurrence for apl. Prof. Dr. Rainer Kleber, and this particular time for a special honor: his appointment as "Associate Professor" of the Faculty of Economics, or more precisely: the granting of the right to use the same title ("apl. Prof.", or alternatively simply "Prof.") from now on. He has been a private lecturer at FEM for many years, has been active with great success and commitment in research and teaching, has been present at meetings, conferences, in numerous publications, etc. Hence, this honor bestowed upon him is a well-deserved acknowledgement and confirmation of his outstanding academic work over the past years. After being evaluated by an APL commission and two external reviewers, and following resolutions by the Faculty Council and in the Senate, apl. Prof. Rainer Kleber is today only the second faculty member ever to be awarded the title. Congratulations!

Welcome First Semester Students!

Your professors, the scientific and administrative staff of the Faculty of Economics and Management welcome you to the start of your studies at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg! For about 75 new fellow students of our Master's programs in BWL, IMME and ORBA, the seriousness of studies, but hopefully also the pleasure of life on campus and in the state capital Magdeburg, which experience has shown to be very diversified, began on April 4. As far as the OVGU's regulated handling of the pandemic situation is concerned, we would like to refer you to corresponding information from the Rector and, last but not least, to his video message "Info on the start of the 2022 summer semester" (Youtube). For your studies starting from this point on, the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Economics and Management wish you nothing but the best!


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