Recognition of external examination results when changing course of study or place of study

Legal basis for recognition/accreditation

In accordance with the study and examination regulations:

(1)  The Board of Examiners decides, upon written request, on the recognition of module examinations or study and examination credits. The application must be submitted to the Board of Examiners via the Examination Office within four weeks of the start of study courses (nach dem Beginn der Lehrveranstaltungen). In order to apply for recognition of credit points, the students have to submit the documents required for examination of the recognition ability, in particular certificates in original form or as certified copies, as well as detailed module descriptions.

(2)  Notwithstanding paragraph 1, the module examinations and/or study credits and examination results in the selected or an equivalent study program shall be recognized / accredited in accordance with official procedures. The Board of Examiners shall decide upon the equivalence of study programs (see "Announcements" on the homepage of the examination office). Where examinations are not passed, the failed attempts will also be recognized in accordance with official procedures.

(4) In accordance with the provisions of the Lisbon Convention (Article III), module examinations and study and examination results must be recognized if there are no significant differences in terms of quality, standard, learning outcome, scope and specialization between the knowledge acquired and that to be acquired. This shall be ascertained through an overall consideration and evaluation rather than a schematic comparison. Recognition with conditions is possible, as is a partial recognition.

(6) Knowledge and expertise acquired outside of higher education may be accredited to a university degree course as part of an individual, or under certain circumstances, generalized examination, if, in terms of content and level they are equivalent to part of the study program that is to be recognized. Knowledge and skills acquired outside of higher education may replace a maximum of 50% of a university study program. The application must be submitted to the Board of Examiners via the Examination Office within four weeks of the start of study courses (nach dem Beginn der Lehrveranstaltungen) from the date of study commencement. The students must hereby submit the original documents or certified copies required for checking the suitability for recognition.

(7) If module examinations and/or study and examination results are recognized, the grades – as long as the grading systems are identical - shall be transferred and included in the calculation of the overall grade. Where grading systems differ, the Board of Examiners shall decide upon the grade conversion. In the case of disparate grading systems, the note “sufficient” shall be adopted.

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Submit an application

Within four weeks of starting your studies, submit an  application to the Examinations Office.

Use the specially created Excel form for a change of study program or university

Please make sure that this application contains the following information:

  • Name, matriculation number, study program at the Faculty of Economics and Management
  • University and course of study in which you had completed the module/achievement
  • Module for which the externally performed work in the current study program is to be recognized
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Submit proofs

Together with the application, the following evidence of the services rendered must be submitted digitally (by e-mail to and

  • Proof of the examination result
  • Proof of the teaching goals and contents (detailed module description)
  • Proof of student workload and credits (according to ECTS)
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As a result of the examination of the application, a notice will be issued in which you will be informed about the recognition/acrediting of the achievement(s) with grade and number of credit points. If no recognition/acrediting is possible, a corresponding explanation will be given.

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