Study, Internship Abroad

Globalization, the steadily increasing internationalization of the working world: Students of the FEM are highly encouraged to partake in a voluntary semester abroad, and/or an internship at a partner university in order to broaden their horizons, improve their language skills, or to gain practical work experience.

ERASMUS Application Portal Open! 2024/25 WiSe + 2025 SoSe

Studium und Praktikum im Ausland 2024/25 (German only)  Weltweit Studieren PODCAST   (in German)

Information Session "Recognition from Study Abroad ECTS + Learning Agreements"

Study Abroad Recognition of Modules The FEM's "History List"

"ERASMUS Internship" (in German)

FEM's Checklist "My Stay Abroad"      Study Abroad Hints: Steps (in German only)

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